Support people with the power of technology, working towards the realization of a future where we are close to people’s hearts

In recent years, the central pivot of monozukuri has been changing significantly. Amid heightened opportunities for cooperation with industry, academia and the government, the Kikuchi Group opened, in as early as 2006, the “MONOZUKURI Mechatronics Laboratory” as a research and development base. Revolving around the said base, research and development initiatives are made in cooperation with universities and research institutions. Furthermore, we make efforts to discover venture corporations that we can cooperate with to create new businesses, focusing on investing and nurturing such businesses.

Initiatives of the Kikuchi Group to realize the “creation of a support industry”

Kikuchi’s goal goes beyond raising the efficiency of the manufacturing industry, and is the “creation of a support industry” that supports people through monozukuri.
With this goal in mind, we aim for the realization of a more abundant society that is kinder to humans, by being close to people’s hearts and creating products that support people, through steady monozukuri based on established technologies.
The origin and driving force of Kikuchi’s “monozukuri” is the realization of a society that provides optimal support to each and every person.

Construction of a Kikuchi Group platform

Kikuchi is currently constructing a platform that will allow it to commercialize businesses in the fields of robot assistants and service robots.
Besides the development, prototyping and mass production processes of monozukuri, we are constructing a structure that provides total support to ventures, including the verification, sales and maintenance processes. We are promoting the WORLD ROBOTEC website. With established creativity, we will expand the Kikuchi Group’s capabilities in line with the growth of ventures that we are cooperating with.

Product List

Wearable Robot

Muscle Suit

Wearable robot for reducing burden
on the lower back using artificial


Robot assistant that provides
walking support to those with
unstable walking and moving
rhythms, such as those with
Parkinson’s disease

Field Robot


Conducts regular
inspection of the
infrastructural network,
monitoring and security of
facilities and the city area,
investigation and analysis of
disaster areas, etc.


Unmanned operational
robot with 4 arms and
4 legs that is utilized
to save lives, remove
debris, etc.
at places with complex landforms,
narrow disaster sites, etc.

Service Robot

mobile service robot

Robot that supports operations
by providing guidance,
conducting transportation, etc.
at restaurants, warehouses, etc.

Sophisticated Medical Robot

Medical 3D-AR System

A medical device system that
presents ultrasound diagnostic
images in 3D on a head-mounted
display using augmented
reality (AR) technology

Manufacturing Equipment (Self-developed)

Hot Chamber Aluminum
Die Casting
(Aluminum Hot

Hot chamber aluminum
die casting is an innovative
technology that makes it
possible to cast pure aluminum,
something impossible with conventional aluminum die casting technology (cold chamber aluminum die casting).
Use of pure aluminum improves heat conductivity, resulting in higher heat dissipation per unit area when compared with conventional aluminum die casting technology.
The new technology also makes surface processing easier and helps to reduce costs, while low-pressure casting, a feature of the hot chamber technology, enables precision and thin-wall casting.
What tuned all these features into reality is the hot chamber aluminum die casting machine that Kikuchi Seisakusho had developed.
Kikuchi Seisakusho is exploring applications such as casting for power semiconductor devices that require a high level of heat dissipation and external components of high-tech equipment, which used to require cutting operation.

Six-axis Parallel Link

The six-axis parallel link can
position the stage, which
has six actuators fixed on
it, precisely at any point in
three-dimensional space.
It has been used for robot arm
Kikuchi Seisakusho is using this mechanism to develop a pipe bender that can bend pipes three-dimensionally and a device that offer precision positioning.
By using dedicated dies that we produced, the pipe bender succeeded in bending not only round pipes but also square, rectangular, uneven, and other irregularly shared pipes.

Micro Device

Metal Micro Pumps (MMP)

Metal micro pumps, which handle
a minute amount of fluid, are a
compact pump made of stainless
steel film.
The micro pump can be used to transport fluids or gases with different viscosities.
As it is made of stainless steel, it can be produced at a lower cost than conventional pumps made of silicon wafers.
The metal micro pump is expected to be used for key devices such as medical devices and fuel cells. Kikuchi Seisakusho is also considering using it for robots, wearable units and other applications. As technologies related to environment, energy and healthcare attract attentions, the metal micro pump is expected to be brought to various markets.